Circle of Parents: Managing Your Child’s Behavior


So many parents have asked me on issues they have with their children. This month during Circle of Parents our focus will be on children age 8-10. InshaAllah, I will be referring to Dr. Sharieff’s lecture on this topic.

Purposeful Islamic Parenting, Ages 8-13

In this video, Dr. Sharieff gives a thorough explanation of the best methods by which we can raise our teens and pre-teens during this very delicate phase of childhood. During this time, children learn to assert their independence and solidify the foundation of their future identity. Dr. Sharieff uses her experience as both a Pediatrician and Family Therapist, as well as an educated Muslim to give us a clear understanding of how we can ensure our pre-teens are best equipped to be physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared for their teenage years.

Please invite other parents so they can benefit from this event.

Sr. Gulmakai Saleh

When: January 27, 28;  4 pm – 5 pm

Where: Tarbiyah School, 698 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, DE 19702

What is Circle of Parents?

Circle of parents are a group of parents who come together to give support and advice to other parents. It is a way to improve our way of raising our children according to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

You might have heard of an old proverb: “It takes a whole village to raise a child”. During these times, we definitely need the village to help in accomplishing our goals in raising a righteous and successful child.
In realizing this I want to offer my services to the Ummah by starting a ‘Circle of Parents’. Parents are encouraged to attend these free sessions on parenting. We will get together and share our experiences and knowledge about parenting.
If you are a parent, teacher, guardian, grandparent, etc… then I suggest that these sessions would be a great way to learn how to do it.

· Promoting Islamic Values and Morals.

· Implementing self confidence in children.

· Giving solutions to everyday challenges between child and parent.

· Helping you understand the Islamic meaning of family.

· The natural role of Allah (swt)’s intent for parents and children.

· Islamic knowledge & education.

· Much, much more wonderful information.

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