Letter to the Editor of The News Journal: The terrorists are not representing Islam


Peace and blessings to all.


We, Muslim community members and organizations of Delaware, condemn the terrible slaughter in the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris last week. The slaughter in Paris has shocked and numbed the Muslim community of Delaware. We are overcome with grief and we are horrified that this dastardly act was committed in the name of Islam.

There is nothing noble or meritorious about this terrorist act. It was a crime against humanity and we condemn it without reservation.

The Quran teaches us to leave those who mock the Prophet of Islam to God (Quran15: 95) and not even respond with mockery or insult to those who revile our sacred symbols (Quran 6:108). Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself taught us “Not to do any harm and not to even respond to those who do harm”. These are the teachings of our Dear Prophet who was sent as mercy to all of humanity (Quran 21:107).

Finally the Quran teaches us that to kill one innocent person is like killing entire humanity (Quran 5:32). As Muslims we cannot fathom how this beacon of mercy, compassion and love can be invoked to kill and murder and create chaos in society. It is impossible to reconcile the actions of these terrorists in Paris with the noble teachings of Islam.

Those who are committing massacres in the name of Islam are not representing Islam, are not acting on our behalf and we reject them as criminals against humanity.

Muslims believe in revering sacred symbols and religious authorities of all faiths. The Quran teaches us to do so (Quran 6:108). We would never insult anyone’s God or Prophet, and it pains us that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is so often and so viciously vilified and mocked by some in the West.

We understand that in order to preserve the higher values that make us a civilized society we must protect freedom of speech, religion and expression, and we must tolerate the Charlie Hebdo style of satire – tolerate not glorify.

Make no mistake we condemn the slaughter of the journalists in Paris, but we are not Charlie Hebdo – we mock no one’s beliefs. We are Ahmed Merebets, the police officer who bears one of the names of our Prophet and who died protecting Charlie Hebdo and its unholy satire.

Muslims and Islamic organizations of Delaware

(The letter was signed by the following: Jamil Tourk, Dr. Naveed Baqir, Dr. Muqtedar Khan, Dr. Saleem Khan, Muhammad Tufail Chaudhri, Mustafa Tuncer, Nasim Hassan, Shadi and Majeda Mabrouk, Irfan Patel, Mr and Mrs Isaiah Anton, Yusuf El Bas and many others. You can sign this letter with a comment this facebook post.

Mosques: Delaware Islamic Center, Masjid Isa Ibn-Maryam, Glasgow Masjid Islamic Society of Delaware, and Masjid Al-Kauthar, Tarbiyah Islamic School)

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